MESSAGES: Speech clips — The Power in Sport Night – Feb 18 2014

Short Speech Clips

The Power in Sport Night, Feb 18, 2014

Footage shot, edited, and produced by Linda McIntyre, Producer, Videographer, and Author. Click here to learn more about Linda M.
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1 – “The Spirit in Sport Awards ” by Linda Diano 1:08min


2 – “The Declaration for the Year of Women in Sport ” by Linda Diano 1:40min


3 – “The 5 principles and a pair of new sneakers ” by Janet Law 15:28min


4 – “Climbing found me” by Kwon Kim 2:19min


5 – “Goal setting and being grateful” by Alex Kahng 5:57min


6 – “On applying myself to make the team & more” by Eric Adams 2:51min


7 – “Finding equestrian riding through my daughter” by Joel Silverman 4:56min


8 – “On friendship through a nasty sporting injury” by Linda Diano 3:06min


9 – “On Canada Day, a little footie brings people together” by Brandon Law 4:29min


10 – “What sport has given me and what it does for the kids I coach” by Ty Crews 2:42min


11 – “What Charles Hamelin (Olympian) teaches us” by Linda Diano 2:04min


12 – “Why do this” by Linda Diano 1:07min




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