We did it!

April 2016

We did it!

143 | 4290

143 balls will be donated to girls to play // It’s estimated 4,290 girls will touch these balls


Early in Jan’16 we reconnected with One World Play and Women Win (Emily and Sarah). We launched a campaign to FUNDRAISE to buy the special indestructible soccer balls for girls in remote regions. And we did it! Raising 143 balls for an estimated 4290 girls!

The backstory – Emily has these amazing durable never-need-a-pump soccer balls and Sarah has a network of pro-women pro-empowerment organizations in places like Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and so on. They deliver workshops to girls and women to build things like esteem, community, and a sense of ‘we can do this.’ Wonderfully, they deliver soccer balls as part of their empowerment workshops. The idea is they deliver the workshop then leave the balls behind so ‘girls can play.’

Stay tuned as the balls you raised are donated to various communities to encourage girls to play. Until then a big THANK YOU. ~ Linda

Final tally with pic Apr11 2016


pic from webpage Jan 2016



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