Finally the Award is granted. Proud.

Feb 2017 – Something started over 3 years ago is coming to fruition.
Sochi Olympics. 2014. If you were Canadian, you remember. A young man named Gilmore Junio gave up his spot in speedskating so his teammate Denny Morrison could have a crack at making the final. Denny did and won a silver medal. An OLYMPIC SILVER MEDAL. Incredible story.
His act made my heart sing. I immediately went into action and thought up an award – The Spirit in Sport award. A generous donor gave $5000 to the award. Well, my heart is going to sing again because after much effort we fly to Calgary Alberta to meet Gilmore and present him with his cheque. I bet it will come in handy because everyone knows most amateur athletes are thin on resources. I will keep you posted!!! Thank you always for your support all.




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