Help a Girl Play

Help A Girl Play —

Seeing all those amazing athletes in the Women’s World Cup of Soccer in Canada in 2015 got me thinking. What can we do that is easy enough to undertake with benefits for girls? The answer was to spread soccer balls throughout the world! Well sort of.
I connected with One World Play and met Emily. I had already connected with Sarah from a group called Women Win. Emily has these amazing durable never-need-a-pump soccer balls and Sarah has a network of pro-women pro-empowerment organizations in places like Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and so on. They deliver workshops to girls and women to build things like esteem, community, and a sense of ‘we can do this.’ Wonderfully, they deliver soccer balls as part of their empowerment workshops. The idea is they deliver the workshop then leave the balls behind so ‘girls can play.’
I wanted to be a part of that so in June 2015 I launched a fundraising campaign and thanks to people like you, we raised over 100 balls.
Below are reports of where these balls were distributed to along with photos.
Now we are doing it again. Why? because 100 balls donated won’t help all the girls that could be out playing. If they just had a soccer ball.
To participate in our current campaign, it is SO EASY. Just click here.



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