Would you like to see

  • your friends participate in their community during their Women’s World Cup of Soccer? After all, it is their Women’s World Cup because their Canada is the host.
  • your boys, young men and men participate in their community during their Women’s World Cup of Soccer?
  • your girls and women with the enthusiasm of their Women’s World Cup of Soccer and their ‘girl power’?
  • More, the boys, many of whom have mothers or sisters, can build their enthusiasm for all of women, girls and soccer.

    You can do that, yes…and would you like to capture the imagination of your players and parents and volunteers by involving them in setting an inaugural record for “Play it Forward”? An inaugural record for the number of people playing soccer on a single day to help others in their community.

    In the last 18 months we have been creating ways to bring more participation and community to Canada’s hosting of the Women’s World Cup.

    Now we are directly calling upon soccer clubs, community centers and post-secondary institutions among other groups to be hosts and organize their own community get-together.

    Your get together can be as simple as a small group convening in a park or as impactful as several larger groups coming together in a jamboree-like atmosphere hosted by you for your community.

    -everyone declares 2015 The Year of Women in Sport! in light of the Women’s World Cup of Soccer in Canada.

    -everyone does something unique – they play 20minutes and 15 seconds of soccer to celebrate 2015 The Year of Women in Sport . Yes, everyone’s imaginations are inspired – everyone plays 20:15 for 2015!

    -everyone gets out to play for playing’s sake. Playing for fun is fun and everyone has a good time.

    -everyone is reminded what playing it forward is about this year which is honouring themselves and others. So everyone feels like they’ve learned something beyond themselves.

    -everyone feels that they are playing with others elsewhere – so far we have people who will play in Vancouver, Moncton and Winnipeg. We are working having people playing in Kabul, Afghanistan, Montreal, Ottawa, and Edmonton.

    -everyone feels they are helping their own community. Everyone is invited to donate to a local charity involved with reducing violence against girls and women. Everyone feels the connection as those from the charity are invited to come cheer on others or play too.

    Isn’t that exciting??

    Now imagine, who in your community would you prefer to be a part of this?

    Your senior groups, your youth groups, your men and boys or just women and girls to be both to be a part of this?

    Contact Linda info [at] thepowerinsport.com to make something special happen for your community.

    Time is ticking — you will want the time to plan your event to be the best ever for your community.

    ** notice: We have no relationship to the Women’s World Cup of Soccer. We are operating a completely separate event not dependent on the Women’s World Cup.

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