Thank you.
To the organizers, the supporters, the friends who watched this unfold over the last year and more, thank you.

To those who endured the types of things that happen with *new* campaigns including changing direction and new information, thank you.

I (we)have wrapped up PLAY IT FORWARD which ended last week, Jul 5th, though we kept donations open for an extra 24 hours.
It is now OFFICIALLY OVER! (And I am sleeping regular hours again.)

I feel we are in rarified air as a group of 20+ organizers and charity leads came together to make something magical happen for our communities.

As a first-time campaign intended to inspire awareness for girls and women, I can say it was an enormous undertaking generating valuable results for many. THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

For those of you who led the organization and true spirit of PLAY IT FORWARD, I see your efforts.
You sent a positive message to your youth and communities including charities.

Soon there will more video(s) and photos on the website and blog.

I’m putting various videos with YOUR photos and footage. YOUR photos will be on the new HOMEPAGE too.
Suggestion — add your name here.
Thank you again for your support over the past years. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do together going forward.



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