Notable quotes (Tues Nov 19th event)

We thought you’d like a few quotes from our speakers to keep you inspired!

Medals and banners rust and they dust; success is about giving 100% ~ Andrea Neil

Go forward and lean into the sharp edges and grow ~ Andrea Neil

Be a good person, give back. ~ Thelma Wright

_DSC2425  The Power in Sport


It’s never too late to play. ~ Peter Ormesher

Team – that’s what it about. ~ Peter Ormesher

92% of our thoughts are recycled from the day before. ~Ryan Walter

 Do you supply or suck energy from your team? ~Ryan Walter

Focus on what you want and how to get it and that’s it. ~Ryan Walter

Add dimension to your life – add sports. ~ Linda Peterson

_DSC2451  The Power in Sport




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