Interview with Elite Athlete Natasha Wodak Dec 2013

Interview with Natasha Wodak

Elite Canadian Distance Runner Dec 2013

Natasha Wodak representing Canada.

Natasha Wodak representing Canada.

Vancouver, BC

Recent winner of the 2013 Canadian Cross-Country Championships, Natasha sits down with Linda Diano to talk about who inspires her, a previous breakthrough, what her aspirations are, and more.

Full interview


Part I – 4 min

A fun question to get things going! Followed by ‘who inspires you?’


Part 2 

Listen for her recent competitive breakthrough. Her attitude leading into it was not what you might think it would be for an elite athlete. Something we can learn from!


Part 3

Who’s helped her? Who’s inspired her?

Part 4 (final segment)

The final segment of our interview with Canadian distance runner Natasha Wodak of Vancouver. A message to 7 billion people, a personal declaration, and the next breakthrough for this national team runner.



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