Five Starter Questions

5 questions for blog Feb 9 2015

5 Starter questions–

These questions are put together to inspire you to participate on Play it Forward Day Sunday June 28th.

Who?– Would you want to involve? Just your core group of friends? If you want to keep it casual and just play with your core group, please do! All you need to do is play 20 minutes and 15 seconds! If you choose to go bigger, from your network who will you invite? Youth, seniors, men, and/or women of a particular age group?

Start short?– Would you want to start with a 3 hour event format which allows for several back to back games lasting 20 minutes and 15 seconds? We suggest you do and once your registration is full, you can always extend it to be a full day event.
For example your event can start at 9:30am with a fun mass group warmup of jumping jacks, starting at 10am and finish by 1pm with a BBQ. You have a light fun day!

Mini fields?– Would you want to play on a mini field to minimize running and maximize fun? We suggest you do. Mini pitches can be 20m x 25m in size and marked out with pylons or clothing.

Sister site?– Would you want a sister site to buddy up with? E.g. we are working on getting a site in Afghanistan running at the same time within their country. Wouldn’t that be great?!?

Fellow organizers?– Who can you ask to co-host the event with you and help organize it? We suggest 2 main organizers with 2 others jumping in to take on specific tasks that you give them. Also you will want unofficial referees on each field to keep the play moving along and simply overseeing things.

Periodically we will post ideas and suggestions for your event. Subscribe to us to keep up-to-date.

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