Why the Declaration for The Year of Women in Sport?

Check out these motivating comments.

From people who have signed the Declaration for The Year of Women in Sport.

We’re sharing these to inspire your day. Here are a few examples:

“Stand up for equality.”

“Kind of a global NCAA Title IX declaration. Let the games begin!”

“Equality among all people. Between women is men. But more than that. Equality with all.”


Watch this short 75 sec video to see the full comments about why people are adding their name to the Declaration for the Year of Women in Sport.

Warning – the video is without sound. Some slides may advance too quickly; be ready to pause to read further. You can make the video fullscreen to actually read the text! Just click on the lower right symbol. I hope these messages inspire you as much as they inspired me. It was motivating for me to read such brilliant thoughts! – Linda




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