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This says it all

Why have a month for women in sport when you could have a year? We found this online — “The Governor General has declared 2015 to be the Year of Sport in Canada. As part of the year-long celebration, Sport Canada is promoting monthly sport themes; the theme for June will be Women in Sport. “ Read more →

Leaders Update – Mar 9 2015

Leaders Update — You will want to know that we have several new clubs and sites joining us to play it forward Sunday, June 28. Joining us in Vancouver, we have several single sites undergoing final stages of approval including Moncton and St. John, New Brunswick, Winnipeg in Manitoba, St. Alberts (near Edmonton) in Alberta, Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Montreal in Quebec, Johannesburg in South Africa, and Kabul in Afghanistan. Each of the cities will have one field at a minimum. We are excited by this progress.   Now we have something special for you. You all care about honouring women,… Read more →

Important Update – Play it Forward is live

This message was sent to our Subscribers List today Feb 23 2015. Thank you for your support and interest in The Power in Sport. Your community giving and building event – the event I put together for your communities to celebrate our declaration 2015 – The Year of Women in Sport and to give back – is officially launched. Already we have confirmation that groups of 100 or more in Vancouver, Burnaby, Winnipeg, and Moncton will host Play it Forward Day on Sunday, June 28th. You and your network can create an event for your community to celebrate the Year… Read more →

You are called to blog about the Year of Women in Sport

What leaders and Canadians are called to do, in light of the Women’s World Cup of Soccer, is to declare 2015 The Year of Women in Sport. It is a social message that goes beyond an organization’s objectives.   Take 15 minutes a week and invite your community to join you in declaring 2015 The Year of Women in Sport. Don’t underestimate the power of that simple action. A statement and declaration changes thinking patterns and biases. Done on a large scale with many different voices it is a powerful legacy of the Women’s World Cup.   You don’t need… Read more →


Cherry blossoms and other blossoming in Vancouver. I have spoken to wonderful people this week from Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Moncton, Montreal, Moncton, and St. John’s Newfoundland. Taking steps…making strides to build the network for this, the Year of Women in Sport. Have a great weekend. Read more →

Listening to the listening

He from Vancouver: “Afghanistan is not all about military vehicles; it’s about people and community. I hope people will see that when they get involved in your project.” ME: I hope so. ~~~ She from Saskatoon: “I love sport and want to make a difference for women in sport. I coach almost every single evening….I laugh because I have 3 sons, no daughters. I tell people that it doesn’t matter… girls everywhere are mine because I want to help them.” ME: Speechless. Inspired because people like that are hard to find. ~~~ Photo: Hint: Buddha’s ear. The listener. I’m a… Read more →

Enthusiastic skyward hope

  Received a letter from the Speaker of the BC House with edits to my original letter. Wow. What do you think happened next? That’s right…I accepted all her edits and sent it on her colleague, the Minister of a lot of things – Community, Sport, and Cultural Development. Baboom! I expect a reply by mid-Feb. Here is hoping for the best.   Visited an old friend… showed her the Play it Forward website and she was so enthusiastic and excited. She said she would host a bunch of people playing on the day – June 28. We are talking… Read more →

Play it Forward – kicks off with two sites

Welcome to our founding sites.   Britannia Micro Footie in East Vancouver & Fortius Sport & Health in Burnaby are our starter sites for Play it Forward Day on Sunday, June 28th. Both sites are planning to get a few hundred players out each.       We are VERY excited and pleased by these 2 sites participating and bringing so many players. We believe it sends a great message to everyone out there that ‘you can do it too!’ Make June 28th a great day for participation in sport in your neighbourhood and join with others to do the… Read more →