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A beautiful story

A beautiful story. You are never too old… “Forty-year-old Jo Pavey became the oldest woman ever to claim gold at a European Championships when she won a thrilling 10,000m and got Team GB’s campaign in Zurich off to the perfect start. Pavey, a mother of two who only gave birth to her younger child Emily 11 months ago, ran the perfect tactical race to match the gold won by her old friend Paula Radcliffe in Munich 12 years ago.” Click link for article. It’s a good one. Jo Pavey, 40, wins European Championship 10,000m     Read more →

Defiant to the end

Lynsey Sharp of Scotland fights off illness to win silver. In our opinion she is the definition of persisting through adversity to achieve your best. Here’s a quote from the link below. “…Even right up to this morning I was in hospital in the village until 5:30. I haven’t slept at all. I was throwing up all night. I had a drip in my arm. This was my everything and there was no way I was going to go through everything I have been through not to get a medal tonight.” Read more →

BBC News: Schoolgirl thanks sport for giving her confidence

Great story. Imagine if more kids were given sport as an aid to help them boost their esteem. “Schoolgirl Kiera Halliwell tells BBC Sport that a school-based scheme, which encourages youngsters to get into sport, helped her become more confident as a teenager. Kiera, who attends Werneth School near Manchester, admits that she didn’t enjoy PE lessons, until she was encouraged by her teacher Tracy Sloane to try out a range of different sports, including Dodge Ball and Zumba. Kiera is one example of the many school children aged between 11-14 who, according to the Youth Sport Trust , had… Read more →

Japanese fans clean up their section

This is from the archives and yet a good one! ========================================================== “On Saturday, Japan lost its first World Cup match with the Ivory Coast by 2-1. While that could have been a demoralizing start for most sports enthusiasts, a bunch of Japanese fans who attended the event at Arena Pernambuco in Recife, Brazil decided to respond with an unbelievably classy move: cleaning up the stadium.” For more, click Japan Fans Did What No Other Soccer Fans Would After Their World Cup Team Lost, June 16 2014     Read more →

Get a boost & be empowered in new ways.

Apr 2014. Here’s a video… you can change your world. Give it a quick watch and it will be sure to inspire your day. Watch all the way to the end to see what they accomplished in full. Viva life! That’s the power in sport. Uniting people and showing them they can accomplish something on and off the pitch. Thanks to Evangeline Carr for the share. You can share videos, photos, and blog post ideas with us too. Just click here to send us a note! Do it today! Here is the video out of Thailand. Read more →

CURATED: Stick to your guns.

Stick to your guns. Inspiration for you. March 28, 2014.   Have you ever held your ground without starting a fight? We found two videos representing that approach. In each there’s an attitude of ‘it doesn’t matter what you say or think, I’m going to go out and do my own thing anyway.’ Don’t you think we need more of that? In this case it’s about gender. But it’s beyond that – it’s about being human. It’s about sticking to your guns and carrying on to craft your identity and to get your point-of-view across. ~Linda 1:00min 1:11 min Read more →